Jaydeep Prabhu

Role – Executive- HR Integration

Education credentials – Bachelor of Management Studies, Masters in Human Resources, Graduate Diploma in Business Management

Experience – Over 8 years in recruitment & corporate Human resources management in India and overseas.


Jaydeep looks after the human aspect of change & transformation management within the client organization. He is responsible for helping the employees cope with change and works with them to enable them to implement changes better.

He works with the transformation manager and process manager to enable smooth implementation of new processes. He opens a dialog with the employees of the client organization to understand the operational hurdles in implementation of change. He works as a link of communication between the employees, the management, transformation manager and the process manager.

This helps in modifying the processes on the go to better suit the employee’s aptitude while keeping the change/transformation process on track towards the set goals. He has worked on several change projects and has enabled employees to smoothly transition into the new processes.

His communication skills and rapport building abilities enables him to establish a positive relationship with the employees and thereby leading to better communication within the team. This also helps in identifying hidden issues within the processes and thus helping the transformation team to address these issues through processes and human resources management.

He is also skilled at designing HR processes and guidelines which helps an organization to effectively manage human resources.