Deepak Mehta

Deepak is a seasoned Organizational change & transformation professional with over 27 yrs. of experience under his belt. He is a qualified Mechanical engineer with additional qualifications in Computer science & a Six Sigma Green Belt.

He founded Augmentum Management Solutions with the aim of helping organizations reach and expand their goals. He has worked with organizations in various industries like manufacturing, sales & distribution, service and project management and many other industries.

He has helped grow various organizations through methods like:

  • People & Process management
  • Change management through culture of discipline
  • Virtual CEO – where he manages change by acting as the CEO of an organization
  • Sustainable process management
  • Implementation of SOP & SAP

He has provided sustainable results to his clients by employing one or a combination of above mentioned processes. One his most notable result is where an organization in the manufacturing industry has achieved a turnover growth from 22 Cr. To 100+ Cr within a span of 5 yrs

His working methodology and thorough study of an organization helps him devise the most appropriate strategy for transformation of the client organization. Through his team, Deepak ensures constant feedback and thereby ensuring fine tuning of various processes and to achieve the desired results.

Through SAP & SOP, he ensures that the outcome of the processes is tangible and also adds accountability to the employees within the client organization, thereby making them an integral part of change & process management.

His relationship management skills combined with his analytical skills give him an upper-hand in ensuring he drives the organization in the right direction. He also, works with coaching the management to handle change and transformation through the process thereby giving them an on the job training of effective organization management.

His contribution to the success of his client’s organization has been well recognised and commended by his clients over the years. His success is also evident in the fact that he is the go-to person for his past clients when they want to employ new strategies for growth/change.