Sustainable Growth Management Program Initiating Change Management

    Initiating Change Management

    • Restructuring the organization as appropriate (Specially Second line Management, based on manufacturing processes and management processes)
    • Re – Define roles and responsibilities of management members along with management team
    • Re-Define role of Management functions as applicable (Regular Coaching and Mentoring to Management Members)
    • Defining resources needed
    • Recommending changes in current \ processes
    • Regular meeting with concerned HOD and their subordinates for training, coaching, counselling to defined System
    • Discussion with Management for the desired outcome of Process performance parameter and MIS points


    Integrating “Process and People” Through ERP

    • Facilitating management members in identifying and selection of ERP vendors
    • Defining Process mapping with respect to ERP (Integrating people, Process and Financial aspects of the organization)
    • Monitoring process wise System / ERP implementation and reporting to management members about the progress and challenges faced in implementation
    • Generating various reports for review and decision making to define accountability of people / HOD and define control points
    • Training all department heads for their roles – setting up their accountability
    • Integrating manufacturing process with ERP to derive costing—Estimation V/s Actual – AS APPROPAITE & Optional
    • Providing training and analysis on inventory management process at factory and back office
    • Identifying and recommending the right person at right place during the course of ERP implementation which will be based on ERP transactions
    • Defining Accounting MIS with Management Members and MAP in ERP as applicable
    • Correction of accounting MIS to address all process related outcomes
    • Regular review with accounts and management members for MIS finalization and implementation
    • Monitoring/ auditing all processes to bring more control on operations


    Hand over

    • After the ERP roll out of all processes through reporting and MIS, handing over the processes to HOD by Augmentum Management team
    • Recommending management members to take strategic decisions about sales and execution based on data collected (After consulting management members) – POST ERP goes Live
    • Recommending agenda for meeting as per ERP reporting and train HOD – POST ERP
    • Recommending changes in current SOP and flow charts
    • Training/ Coaching to Management members about management control system through ERP (If applicable/required)
    • Hand over the entire process with closing meeting and guidelines to be followed