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Developing Leaders (Family Managed Business)

Developing Leaders
  • Synchronize family aspirations, values, roles
  • Enrich next-gen leadership, professionalization
  • Inculcate family governance for best practices
  • Balance family, ownership, control dynamics
  • Mapping Leadership Potentia
  • Identifying personalities, attitudes, behaviors, and communication styles
  • Mapping talent quotient and identifying gaps
  • Design training and development initiatives to fill gaps
  • management Counseling, Bridging the gap between employee-employer, middle management ( Changing the perception about the way of execution)
  • Bridging the gap between family members about their own perceptions about running business and provide permanent amicable solution
  • Identify Second level Management in organization and hand holding
  • Assisting leaders to lead change and creativity.
  • Supervisory Development Program
  • Conducting regular counseling sessions with all family members based on process ownership
  • Coaching family member about the reporting mechanism and review mechanism


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