Case Study 2 - Augman

Case Study 2

Change Management through Culture of Discipline


The company was established in 1994 into agency business of selling engineering machineries and having started with only two people in the organization and initial turnover of around 1 crore with single agency. In the closing financial year of 2011, the company has grown from 1 crore to 20 crore agency business (12 Agencies) with total employee strength of around 60 people. The company also expanded in to business of providing after sales service and AMC


  • The company has given lot of freedom to their employees and which was jeopardized and the management was finding difficult to get the desired output and results from the departments and individuals.
  • The reason was mainly the freedom given without responsibilities and there was no accountability set to individuals
  • There was no clear roles defined for individuals and apparently it is observed that people were not having sufficient work in their hands due to nature of business they are in to, also there was no reporting structure and management was very lenient to give freedom to work as per their requirements and which has resulted in to taking due advantage of situation which affected the bottom line of the organization.
  • The business was over burdened by few sales peoples of the organization who are doing majority of closure of sales and resolving lot of service issues to the customers.
  • The impact of the situation has resulted in to customer dissatisfaction, sales, service quality and frustrations in the overburdened employees who carry out the majority of work.
  • The management has tried to initiate the process of bringing the accountability in the organization including the top management members but again the imbalance has caused more damage in sales and customer satisfaction.
  • The reason behind this was mainly the culture of discipline was not imbibed in to organization and the road map to implement the accountability was not clear.
  • The employees are not sure about their future in the organization.

Solution Implemented

We have taken the project to set the Department MIS and started working on changing the MINDSET from top to bottom. The changes are taken in following steps:-

  • Initial interviews with all top management members and HOD
  • Understanding the gap between the thought process of top management and HOD
  • Understanding the methodology to deploy the future growth plan and goal of organization down the line
  • Analyze the requirement of organization with future needs
  • Study present organization structure and roles and responsibilities
  • Study present challenges in the organization (Technical/ Administrative)
  • Study present financial statements of the organization
  • Review present competency levels of HOD/ employee (right person at right job)
  • Redefine Organization structure with the help of HR department
  • Reshuffle present employees based on their designations and competency
  • Develop short term and long term goals
  • Align the organization goals with existing organization structure, roles and responsibilities including management members
  • Take frequent sessions with all HOD/Key personnel’s
  • Change MINDSET and make focus to all HOD/ Key Personnel’s (counseling)
  • Define Department Goals (MIS)
  • Follow-up and discussion with all HOD/ Key Personnel’s
  • Define policies thru change management


  • Initial sales and service issues has popped up on surface and resolved in due time
  • Increase the customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints
  • Improvement in bottom line
  • Accountability is set in the organization at department levels
  • Increase in sales after 1 year
  • Organization has gained the confidence to prepare the growth plan
  • MIS, process mapping has brought the clarity among the employee


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