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“Integrating process with people” through ERP


Augmentum management provides services to identify the ERP suitable to organisation,  based on current scenario and challenges and based on that helps the organization to select and validate organization and work with following scope of work.

  • Defining Organization structure
  • Coordinate with ERP team for customization in each processes to bring more control and generate various reports to set accountability
  • Design rights and authority level in ERP which will help to reduce load on management about decision making
  • Assist ERP vendor to map technicality of products to map in ERP so that it does not get affected to produce or deliver poor quality
  • Redefine BOM structure in ERP so that stock and accounting can be made easier and traceable
  • Assist ERP vendor for various department MIS in ERP to measure performance of departments
  • Assist ERP vendor to make Accounting MIS — if applicable
  • Assist ERP vendor and your organization for costing — if applicable
  • Prepare documents such as flow charts, roles and responsibilities, rights & authority matrix. etc. as per ERP

Training to management members about review and reporting method through ERP


Before we talk destination, we shine a spotlight across your organization to fully understand its people, processes, and technology.

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