Case Study 15 - Augman

Case Study 15

The Camera


The Company is into Transport and logistics business since last 30 years. The Founder Mr. Dhirajlal Dhanani, has started the business and he has started the business in the year 1989 and from 3 people the company is grown to 500 people having 15 branches all over India. The HO is situated in Ahmedabad and having locations across India. His Son Mr. Keyur, who has finished his management graduation from UK and has joined and running the business successfully for over 5 years.


Mr. Keyur has taken charge from his father’s business and has first implemented a good ERP and appointed IT team in organization and changed the entire organization from People based organization to process based organization. Mr. Keyur has realized that there are certain key people who are running the entire operations are at the verge of retirement and decided to hire Operation manger and other people for different posts and finally Mr. Keyur has hired Mr. Rohit from other reputed company who has an experience of around 20 years in similar industry. Mr. Rohit has started taking the charge of operations and recruited few more executives in the branches and in head office. After 3 months or so the iteration rate is dramatically increased at branch level and Mr. Keyur has observed that the people at branches are leaving the organization due unrealistic and impractical approach of Mr. Rohit, which was leading to dissatisfaction in branch level. Mr. Keyur has asked HR department to gather data through EXIT interview taken at  branch level with all employees who has left the organization 

Mr. Keyur has discussed the issue with Mr. Rohit about the iteration rate and people leaving the organization but Mr. Rohit has given the justification that all people who had left were not appropriate for organization and now he is going to select good and competent people in place of them. Mr. Rohit has appointed the new team and trained them for about 2 months and later on after 6 months of so the new team also left and the branch level control again got disturbed. HR department again took EXIT interview and found the same reason that the method of execution is not appropriate to build trust and confidence in the team and employee under Mr. Rohit were not happy to work due to his behavior and suspicious nature. Mr. Keyur discussed with Mr. Rohit about the iteration rate and this time Mr. Rohit was ready with other reasons about the selection of employee was not correct and so on. Mr. Keyur has decided to hire Augmentum Management to evaluate and identify the root cause why such things are happening again and again, although he was very much in need of Mr. Rohit so first he discussed with Mr. Rohit about the assignment to be given to the agency and selected the agency to identify the root cause about why people are leaving the organization.

Solution Provided:

The agency has discussed the agenda with Mr. Keyur, HR and Mr. Rohit and discussed with current employees who are working. The agency has collected the information following are the observations:- It was surprisingly observed that at the branch level the major control and communication was happening through observations done through camera installed at each location and around 10 cameras were installed in branch. After Mr. Rohit has joined with a good intention, he has installed almost the double the camera where it was not required. Mr. Rohit was trying to control and monitor the work through camera and calling each key employee from head office based on their activity and observed in camera. The agency has tried to learn why Mr. Rohit was doing like this, then it was observed that Mr. Rohit was doing such activities because:-

a) Where ever Mr. Rohit was working previously, there was a same type of culture going on
b) Mr. Rohit was trying to prove himself without taking team in to confidence
c) The observation through CAMERA is treated as conclusion about the behavior and approach of employee based at branch level
d) Mr. Rohit finds it obvious to control people through CAMERA observations and accuse people fornot doing their work on time and due to that the employees at branch level were uncomfortable and feels like not being trustworthy
e) Mr. Rohit was not able to adopt the process and policy of the new organization and trying to implement his old company’s policy and processes  which was not suitable for current organization and arising conflict of execution between branches and HO
f) Mr. Rohit was carrying the OLD BAGGAGE of his previous company and is not willing to become flexible with new technology and IT savvy organization

We have submitted report to Mr. Keyur and as Mr. Keyur wants the expertise and experience of Mr. Rohit, so decided to provide Coaching and Mentoring sessions to him and to try to change his thought process and adopt new way of execution. First and foremost, to take Mr. Rohit in to confidence and change his thought process, agency has taken first session of coaching and mentoring with Mr. Rohit and given the remarks and observations based on CAMERA recording done on him and questioned him certain uncomfortable questions, doubting about his commitment level, his time management. He retaliated with his justification that he is very committed and very well organized and questioned Augmentum team, how they have come to such conclusion about him. We have shared all CAMERA recording on Mr. Rohit and then shown the set of questions which was asked to him based on his behavior, movement and actions based on CAMERA recording and told him that he was doing the same activities and conclusion with his employee at branch level and due to that employee at branch level were not comfortable about their commitment level and honest working. Mr. Rohit has realized his mistakes and assured to change his way of working and after 10 sessions of coaching and mentoring he has improved his way of working and later the iteration ratio at branch level was reduced drastically. 

Conclusion : 

The TRUST in employee can be won by: –

  •  Recognizing good work
  •  Honesty and become supportive
  •  Listening to your employee
  •  Building culture
  •  Building accountability

If CAMERA is used for observing employee performance and activity, then it will create more distrust among employees and builds Negative Culture. It should be used only to ensure Safe working environment and avoid malfunction or disruption with the organization assets.


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